Symphonic Smile

Symphonic Smile

In 2012 “ocean music” and “alpha records” released the album “symphonic smile”. It has 12 tracks orchestrated by Zacharias Tsixlas, seven of those are orchestral and the lyrics of the others are by Katerina Bozoni. The songs are performed by Marilena Kanellidou, Katerina Koumpi, Giorgos Romosios and the Virona's city children's choir.

The proceeds of the album were donated to the voluntary organization "The smile of the child."
  • Release:

    ocean music - alpha records 2012
  • Tracks:

    12 (7 instrumental)
  • Music:

    G. P. Lemos
  • Lyrics:

    K. Bozoni
  • Arrangement:

    Z. Tsichlas
  • Performed by:

    M. Kanelidou, K. Koumbi, G. Romosios, Virona's city children's choir