In 2009 “alpha records” released the album “echoes” with 14 tracks (three of which orchestral). The music and the lyrics of three tracks of the six bear his signature. The remaining seven are signed by Katerina Mpozoni and Antony Pappas in the song “The first kiss”. The songs of are performed by Panos Kapiris, Iro Saia, Stellios Karpathakis, George Fanaras, Irini Zoi and Xenia.

The proceeds of the album were donated to the Foundation “Iliaxtida” for children with the Down Syndrome.
  • Release:

    alpha records 2009
  • Tracks:

    14 (3 instrumental)
  • Music:

    G. P. Lemos
  • Lyrics:

    G. P. Lemos, K. Bozoni, A. Pappas
  • Arrangement:

    D. Fokas, Xenia
  • Performed by:

    P. Kapiris, I. Saia, S. Karpathakis, G. Fanaras, E. Zoi, Xenia