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Music and the sea...

The two loves that shaped his life stance with a common starting point, the voyage. Though several times he faced the dilemma of choice he decided to combine both and he succeeded.

His first meaningful contact with music was in the age of five, when he learned the accordion with his teacher Maxi Vassou up to the age of eleven years old.

The decisive moment was in the year 1973 on board a merchant navy vessel when he heard the song of Elton John "Goodbye yellow brick road". This became the start of his wandering in the music schools of London, learning a new musical instrument, the piano and taking part in live shows with impromptu music groups until he met with Vaggelis Pitsiladis. With him he participated in three albums: "My love" with performer Vaggelis Pitsiladis and two orchestral "Οasis - Call me now", "Oasis - Yes i do" " from which Nikos Foskolos selected the piece "Aphrodite’s melody" as sound track of the screen play "Wild Youth".

In the eighties (1983-89) he took part in the competition for the selection of the song that was to represent Greece in the Eurovision reaching third place in 1986 with his song "It is you"". In the same year with producer the late Spyros Rallis he composed 12 songs for the album "Time to speak for love" of the singer George Sotiropoulos released by Polygram.

In the year 2007 he returned to the music scene with the album "eclipse" released by "virus music" with 14 tracks (eight of which were orchestral). He composed the music and the lyrics in three of the six tracks. In the rest we find the lyrics writers Sevi Tiliakou and Giota Xalkidou. The songs are performed by Era Roussi and Giannis Stathis in the duet "together". The proceeds of the album were donated to the "Oinnoussian Development Center".

In 2009 "alpha records" released the album "echoes" with 14 tracks (three of which orchestral). The music and the lyrics of three tracks of the six bear his signature. The remaining seven are signed by Katerina Mpozoni and Antony Pappas in the song "The first kiss". The songs are performed by Panos Kapiris, Iro Saia, Stellios Karpathakis, George Fanaras, Irini Zoi and Xenia. The proceeds of the album were donated to the Foundation "Iliaxtida" for children with the Down Syndrome.

In 2011 "ocean music" and "alpha records" released the album "en plo" 17.09.." with 13 tracks (seven of which orchestral) composed in modern Rock style with lyrics of Thanos Papanikolaou. The songs are performed by George Tetzeraki, George Karadimo, Sofia Manou, Thano Papanikolaou and George Papadimitraki (music band-Red carpets). The proceeds of the album were donated to the "Elpida association of friends of children with cancer".

The last album "symphonic smile" was completed in February 2012 and has been released by "ocean music" and "alpha records". It has 12 tracks orchestrated by Zacharias Tsixlas. Seven of those are orchestral and the lyrics of the others are by Katerina Bozoni. The songs are performed by Marilena Kanellidou, Katerina Koumpi, Giorgos Romosios and the Virona's city children's choir. The proceeds of the album were donated to the voluntary organization "The smile of the child".

On 21/12/2013 he gave a concert at the Greek Old Parliament House with actress Mimi Denissi reciting essays from old Greek Politicians about democracy. All 11 songs have been recorded live that day and are distributed in a cd with title "21.12.2013 Greek Old Parliament House – G.P.Lemos Live".
In March 2015 he gave a concert at "Athinais" music hall and all the proceeds have been donated to Charity Foundation "Friends of a Child"