En Plo 17.09...

En Plo 17.09...

In 2011 “ocean music” and “alpha records” released the album “en plo 17.09..” with 13 tracks (seven of which orchestral) composed in modern Rock style with lyrics of Thanos Papanikolaou.The songs are performed by George Tetzeraki, George Karadimo, Sofia Manou, Thano Papanikolaou and George Papadimitraki (music band-Red carpets).

The proceeds of the album were donated to the "Elpida association of friends of children with cancer".
  • Release:

    ocean music - alpha records 2011
  • Tracks:

    13 (7 instrumental)
  • Music:

    G. P. Lemos
  • Lyrics:

    Th. Papanikolaou
  • Arrangement:

    V. Gavriilidis, L. Tzitzos
  • Performed by:

    G. Tentzerakis, G. Karadimos, S. Manou, Th. Papanikolaou, G. Papadimitrakis